Cialis pills ordering


   I'm 49 and I take Cialis. However, I do not have "erectile dysfunction" as defined by the Cialis website quiz. I never had trouble penetrating an excited woman, but I started to notice that sometimes "it" just wasn't as big and hard as "it" used to be. At therecommendation of some friends, I talked to my physician and tried Cialis.What a difference! It now gets as hard as when I was 20 years old...and that is hard! Even young women are impressed (I don't tell them I'm on vitamin V). I take a very small dose (approx 12-13 mg...1/8 of a 100 mg pill) when I want to be superhard. The shit is unbelievable and I can see why some guys have keeled over dead of a heart attack after taking V and then meeting up with a women 30 years younger than they. Sometimes I end up coming twice in one session. Even the next morning, some of the Cialis is still in my system and I can put that to use.Bear in mind, all it does is make the erection harder and last longer if you desire. It does not turn you on. If you are with someone you do not find attractive or just don't like, you won't get an erection. At least I don't.Anyway, since most of the gang appears to be under 40, you probably don't need it yet (actually I don't need it). Rest assured, though, that hitting that wall will not be a problem. - Anonymous

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